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                Shijiazhuang Haofang Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd, as a professional producer for Potassium Sulphate products in China, was founded in 2005 year at Gaocheng New District of Shijiazhuang City of East China's Hebei Province.Thanks to its unique location, the company gains a convenient transportation network.
                Haofang has evolved to a comprehensive chemical enterprise with an annual capacity for 100,000 tons of Powdery SOP、200,000 tons of granular
                SOP ( round shape )、 120,000 tons of Industial Hydrochloride Acid、60,000 tons of Chlorosulfonic Acid and 200,000 tons of Sulphic Acid. With 

                Address: Industrial Park, Gaocheng District, Hebei, Shijiazhuang
                General manager: Zhou Yanmei
                Tel: 13930169099
                Telephone: 0311-86592688
                Fax: 0311-86592677

                Email: hbhfchem@163.com

                haofanghuagong Tel: 13930169099 Telephone: 0311-86592688
                Address: Industrial Park, Gaocheng District, Hebei, Shijiazhuang